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Who was Lee Harvey Oswald and why did he kill JFK?

Craig Rivera -Who was Lee Harvey Oswald and why did he kill JFK?

In this "Craig Investigates" segment, which aired on the 11/9/2013 episode of 'Geraldo at Large', Craig Rivera investigates who Lee Harvey Oswald was and asks whether his murder of President John F. Kennedy was a … [Read More...]

PA Police Chief Under Fire for YouTube Comments

Craig Rivera

On the September 22, 2013 episode of "Geraldo at Large", Craig Rivera sat down with a Pennsylvania police chief who came under fire following comments he made over YouTube. You can view the entire "Craig … [Read More...]

Lipstick Bounty Hunters

Craig Rivera- Lipstick Bounty Hunters

On the April 14, 2013 episode of Fox News Channel's "Geraldo At Large", investigative reporter Craig Rivera filed a "Craig Investigates" segment on a pair of lipstick bounty hunters, asking the question "did these … [Read More...]

Craig investigates the murder capital of America

Was crash of TWA Flight 800 really an accident?

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